blue drew

Hold your business card glasses to one eye and close your other eye. View the art work below.


The image is part of an art installation at our new office. Printed on back lit glass, the art uses red lenses placed within a view window of our rear courtyard to filter out the image seen by the naked eye, revealing a hidden image, much in the same way architectural theory attempts reveal hidden truths and reasoning, something our work aspires to. Fixed glasses within the installation prescribes a singular, monocular viewpoint commenting on the privileged view of a photographer in experiencing architecture.


Perhaps Walter Benjamin’s most well known essay, “The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction,” identifies the perceptual shift that takes place when technological advancements emphasize speed and reproducibility. The aura is found in a work of art that contains presence. The aura is precisely what cannot be reproduced in a work of art: its original presence in time and space. He suggests a work of art’s aura is in a state of decay because it is becoming more and more difficult to apprehend the time and space in which a piece of art is created.