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Hooper-Renwick Library
Lawrenceville, Georgia

Preserving history

We believe preserving the history of a place gives a community its unique character; linking to its roots and its people, adding to the quality of life, and making a more livable community. The new library unfolds the rich and often untold history of the only school African-American students from across Gwinnett County attended until desegregation occurred in the late 1960’s.

From idea to impact

The value of architecture is evolving rapidly as more and more fields recognize the importance of the built environment in addressing social, economic, and environmental challenges. At Cas, we believe architecture reflects culture, transmits culture, shapes culture and comments on culture.

Walk the talk

Our work seeks to address contemporary concerns of culture - aesthetic, ethical, political, metaphysical and epistemological; questioning how we can make the world a better place.


Latin Epigram
Proctor Hall, Graduate College, Princeton University

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